Friday, July 14, 2023

Two performances of “Tears” by the Sarah Chaksad Large Ensemble at the Bird’s Eye in Basel

On the first two nights of the Sarah Chaksad Large Ensemble's four-night run this week at the Bird's Eye Jazz Club in Basel, Chaksad dedicated "Tears" to the people of Iran (her father's homeland), especially the women. On Wednesday, bassist Dominique Girod's unaccompanied introduction developed a melodic rhythm with harmonics, while his Thursday solo took the same rhythm to build to a climax with the harmonics. And in Chaksad's soprano saxophone solo on "Tears", a passage accompanied only by pianist Julia Hülsmann took shimmering arpeggios to distinct places each night. There are two more shows to go, if you want to come join me, today (14 July) and tomorrow (15 July). (Andrew Shields, #111words, 14 July 2023) 

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