Monday, August 27, 2007

Mimesis 2, Summer 2007

My contributor's copy of Mimesis 2, Summer 2007, arrived while I was in the U.S. in July, so I have only just gotten around to reading it. The highlights for me are "Better to Be Horses," by Salli Shepherd, and "Veress," by Todd Swift, especially the latter: "this is joy, this is a good day."

TS's poem is about Sandor Veress, whose work I can wholeheartedly recommend. Andras Schiff and Heinz Holliger have both recorded wonderful CDs of Veress's music. I first heard Veress's work when Holliger conducted "Hommage à Paul Klee" in Basel with Schiff on piano. It was a breathtaking performance.

Since it was my contributor's copy, the issue also has my work in it: three poems, to be precise: "Reach," "The Baghdad Poet," and the first three "sides" of "A Three-Record Set on a Double CD." It's a pleasure to see my work between such fine poems by Shepherd and Swift.


Brian Campbell said...

Feels good, eh? All power to you.

Andrew Shields said...

As Todd Swift wrote, "this is joy, this is a good day." Thanks, Brian!

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations, Andrew. I noticed James Owens also has work in that issue.