Saturday, November 14, 2020

"Sympathizing with the bombastic president": Letters from Trump supporters in the LA Times

Today, the Los Angeles Times published letters from Trump supporters. Three justify voting for Trump: a "Christian minister" disregarded Trump's "disturbing character" because he "defends religious liberty and the lives of unborn children"; an African-American investor "almost doubled my net worth"; another "sometimes cringed at Trump's words" but "always understood what he actually meant." The rest are less personal: the paper's "cherrypicking" reporting is "agenda-driven" with its "constant, leftist haranguing"; "elitists" mock Trump voters; "anti-Trumpers [...] make us sympathize with the bombastic president"; the "increasingly leftist" Democratic Party must "rein in its left wing". The Letters editor wanted to "give the other side a hearing", but there are no surprises here. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 14 November)


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