Thursday, October 01, 2020

Stand Back and Stand By

Stand Back and Stand By


An erasure of remarks made by a white supremacist bullying a country on live television on Tuesday, 29 September 2020.


I will tell you very simply:

the single greatest student would

extinguish 18 million people,

destroying families to buy drugs

they don’t exactly understand.

A racist, dying sarcastically,

shut down elderly people because

psychologically we should

be dead now, drugs and alcohol

and depression happening

in restaurants in a ghost town. And I'm

not sure people want their lives. 

Can I be honest? I don't think

insane suburbs would be, suburbs

would be problems I know suburbs.

Oh really? The killer had to quickly

stand back and stand by. A dangerous, radical

president has done cocaine

and burns a billion trees in California.

The cows could make a big statement.

So when I look at trying to do

a coup, can you imagine that?

I just read today where rivers know

it can't be done, you know, because

I have a fraudulent wastepaper basket.


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