Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Fourth Daily Poem Project, Week 6 results


The winner of the sixth week of my fourth Daily Poem Project is "Ode to the Maker of Odes," by Bill Zavatsky, which received 5 votes out of 14 cast.

Two poems finished in a tie for second place with three votes each: "The Chardin Exhibition," by Edward Hirsch, and "Theory of Incompletion," by Mark Doty. These two poems seem to have split the vote on what one voter called "epiphanic moments" (though I'd like to hear more about the critique of such moments that she mentioned, too; see the comments on the call for votes post).

My thanks to everyone who voted. I'll be posting the call for votes for week seven in a few minutes.

Winner of week one: Alison Brackenbury's "Edward Thomas's daughter"
Winner of week two: Martha Zweig's "Overturn"
Winner of week three: B. T. Shaw's "We End, Like Galileo"
Winner of week four: Damian Walford Davies's "Plague"
Winner of week five: Mary Jo Salter's "Point of View"

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