Monday, November 05, 2007


A while back, some blogger posted a link to Wondermark, an online comic strip, and since then I have been a dedicated reader. Every Tuesday and Friday, David Malki ! (that's how he spells his name) posts a new comic, and just now I decided to use the "random comic" link to check out a couple old ones, and I got this wonderfully hilarious one. Check him out regularly!


Marion McCready said...

ha great site!

mrjumbo said...

Also don't miss the wry subtext buried in the "alt" text for each strip. (The ever changing page titles and signature bar are more obvious.)

mrjumbo said...

Apparently it's not too late yet to catch the second installment of David Malki !'s wedding in Los Angeles (August 5):

See also the superb cake he designed for the wedding: