Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

26 hours after starting the book, I just finished it. I did not read without stopping: I slept, made several meals, and took Sara for a walk. I played cards with Miles, read the newspaper, and changed at least one diaper that I can remember. Andrea even got to read a bit, too.

As Ron said in The Half-Blood Prince: "None of us could've guessed ..."

Here are my two favorite bits:

"There it was again: choose what to believe. He wanted the truth."

"'Of course it is happening inside your head [...], but why on earth should that mean it is not real?'"

I don't think those two lines give anything away. :-)


Donald Brown said...

And just when I thought you were going to dedicate yourself to reading Coetzee!

About the latter: so far you've only talked about ones I've read too (though "Foe" was awhile ago and I read it very fast and have almost complete amnesia about it). I'm wondering if you're considering doing some kind of critical study of Coetzee's novels...

Katy Loebrich said...

Bruce read it without stopping -- took him 7 hours -- but he knew he'd have to do that. He reads faster than I do, so he got first dibs. He finished it at around 7pm on Saturday. I suggested we go out for ice cream. Then I started it when we got back. I read it in about 11 hours total, over two days. I liked that second line you chose, too. There were other good bits as well. Now I feel like a kid who has just finished opening all their Christmas presents....

Andrew Shields said...

Don, I had fun re-reading HP in anticipation of the new book, and I have done the same with Ishiguro (although I only re-read some of his books when a new one is announced), so I thought I'd do the same with Coetzee before "Diary of a Bad Year" comes out in Britain in September. Right now I'm reading "The Master of Petersburg," which I have not read before.

Katy, that's a good image, the Christmas presents. But all I'm really feeling is the need to know who else is done so as to chatter about a few developments in the final book.