Thursday, April 06, 2023

Andrea Samborski singing between Canada and Switzerland at the Kult Kino in Basel

I call myself a Basler from Detroit; perhaps Andrea Samborski calls herself a Baslerin from Vancouver Island. At her short set at the Kult Kino in Basel tonight at this month's Theaterplatz-Tag, she shifted her patter fluidly beween English and Basel German, while her songs slipped back and forth between Canada and Switzerland — or touched both at once in Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel" with guest Roli Frei. Supported by her steady, fluid fingerpicking (with wonderful bass lines), Andrea's voice hovered through the haunting stories, landscapes, and mindscapes of her evocative lyrics. "Sea Wolves" shimmered with Pacific Ocean spray "Tiger Lilies" with the summer dust and winter snow of the Canadian prairies. (Andrew Shields, #111words, 6 April 2023)

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