Friday, July 22, 2016

I Can Be Your White Champion

An erasure of a speech given last night in Cleveland by a real-estate developer with authoritarian delusions of grandeur.

I Can Be Your White Champion

I have believed that this journey received the most.
Our party white, our country a crisis, the attacks to lead our country.
A message afflicts our nation. January will fail.
It is finally straightforward facts. We cannot afford to be correct anymore.

So if you want to hear, go there. Honor nothing else.
Decades reversed by criminal police compared to illegal citizens.
The number exceeds our regard for Nebraska, a fugitive from the law.
I've met one more American altar of open facts that have been living in poverty.

The oath of incomes reached – think of this – our fix no better.
President has more to show for affairs lived through one after another.
We all remember the knees signing absolutely nothing. History knew nothing.
The symbol of American flames is truly disasters unfolding the map.

Stable, peaceful violence choked control. After what spread across ruins,
our savage is on the path that threatens the legacy of violence and destruction
relying on change in the most important credo.
Other nations will come first with safe terrorism.

New jobs can be opposed by me, for their benefit.
My rigged system is their puppet, and the strings will never change.
To deliver people I have visited and forgotten and forgotten.
I am your national injustice. Incompetence has sold out.

I am not able to look in every country. I also did save crimes
in such an egregious way it rakes in millions of dollars
trading favors to the powerful people that cannot defend themselves.
I alone can strip our country of jobs.

Wealth works fairly and justly for each and every Vice President,
a great guy, the same amazing man to liberate our citizens from our communities.
When our police officers so brutally executed every last person on our streets.
I take the oath of this race for the white.

I am the irresponsible rhetoric of the pulpit in this room
or America's inner crime. When I am treated and protected better
in every way to live out dreams, to make barbarians
of men, women and children, radicals party in many locations.

My violence and oppression of a hateful Republican cheering for what I just said
need to focus on the failed policy of all of our allies.
Our goal of terrorism includes obsolete new terrorism
in any nation that has compromised proven mechanisms we want in our country.

My radical refugees admit individuals into our country
who will support violence, hatred, oppression,
lower wages and higher unemployment
for African-American and Latino workers.

We are going to have people killed by brave representatives of this country.
Nothing has affected me more than the time I have spent with violence
to solve demonstrators and never share in their pain.
My sanctuary was for all who have so brutally murdered families.

This candidate and this whole corner pledge
that countless more suffer the same awful fate.
We are going to build violence into our communities.
I have been honored to protect the cycle of human smuggling.

Illegal border crossings will be restored by the millions who receive the respect
they denied uncontrolled communities, proposing mass lawlessness.
Schools and hospitals make it harder to escape the middle class.
I have a vision for a policy that stands up to cheat, a signature message of my oath.

Remember, I am firing without consequences.
My other hand has been destroying our middle class and the world.
Another colossal deal will destroy foreign governments.
I pledge to hurt our workers, I will make individual deals no one understands.

We are going to cheat. This includes theft of intellectual property,
illegal product dumping, and currency manipulation.
The greatest manipulators ever will walk away, massive, and I mean massive.
I will experience profound relief, and I mean roaring will happen fast.

With the greatest killers of our country, very quickly,
we are going to lift more than $20 trillion over the next four decades.
My other hand wants new wealth all Americans will build tomorrow.
This, in turn, will create millions of failing schools.

My education is disastrous. Choose your own disaster. Thank you.
Our students are drowning to take their lives. Tremendous.
We will completely rebuild our fair like never before,
without waiting five days in a line and dying. My scandal is my first 100 days.

I'm going to appoint our beloved Justice to abolish the other hand of all families.
I would like to prevent you from speaking your mind, your own voice taken away.
Language and these great things need to start believing
in that bigger and better and stronger journey.

I'm so lucky to be the smartest and hardest working man I wonder sometimes
if I learned to respect the dignity of work and the dignity of working people.
Bricklayers, carpenters, and electricians love my character.
But now, my sole and exclusive mission is victory for petty politics led by cynics.

Remember: you can't have the country you want, not a chance.
Defeating love, we rely on a rigged system. Choose to believe in history.
We don't have to rise to the occasion; I can be your White champion.
My loyalty reads; I choose to pledge my voice for every future,
and I will fight you, and I will win, strong, proud, and great.

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