Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apollo Killing the Cyclops

I like a bit of comedy when I visit an art museum. Such as this picture, one of four frescoes at the National Gallery in London, Domenichino's "Apollo Killing the Cyclops," with a dwarf in the corner peaking out from behind a painted curtain, as if the fresco were a painting of a tapestry:

Or Jan van Huysum's "Flowers in a Terracotta Vase," with its wonderful detail of a fly so realistic that one could think it was a real fly that had landed on the painting:
It's down on the pedestal of the vase, slightly left of center. Here's a closeup of it:


Dominic Rivron said...

Good trompe d'oeil is impressive. The ceiling at the Ionic Temple on Rievaulx Terrace in North Yorkshire has a painted cieling (it's near here). For a moment it's hard to tell if the figures around the edge of it are plaster statues or paintings.

JforJames said...

Another painting in this playful vein, Gremlin in the Studio II, by Marting Johnson Heade...

In my hometown museum the Wadsworth Atheneum.