Monday, April 04, 2011

Poems in Nth Position

I have three poems up in the April selection of poetry in Nth Position.

The first, "A Thousand Times Too Many," derives from this.

The third, "L'art pour l'art," is about this guy:

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Alan John Stubbs said...

Hi Andrew, Ive enjoyed reading your Blog, especially (since I'd just bought it from my favourite secondhand bookshop) the review of Tiffany Atkinson's book Kink and Particle - which I mostly agreed with - though I think that there is more to some of the poems than the suggested throwaway everyday segments. Like you, I think that the second book will be better.

I am new to the web, and have just started my own poetry blog, I hope that you might link to it from this site. Please. It is at

Many thanks.