Thursday, August 27, 2009

Advertisement in Basel

This poster is an ad campaign in Basel to get people to use sunscreen. It's also a lesson German modal verbs:

"I know how little I should."

"I know how much I can."

"I know how much I may."


By the way, I noticed that people generally say "sunscreen" these days, rather than "suntan lotion," as people said when I was growing up in the 70s. A sign that the reason to use the stuff has changed ...

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SarahJane said...

Hi Andrew -
I actually like that as a grammar and punctuation lesson - the "how much" being the sun rather than the sunscreen. Unless they're talking SPF.
I think we call it sunscreen now because it's way more protective and no longer for the purpose of getting a suntan as for preventing one. The SPFs these days go up to 50, whereas when we were kids such proclamations were not made.