Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sara on English

Luisa, Sara, and I were in the pool at my sister Sara's house in Massachusetts, and we'd all been chattering away in English for a while (which does not go without saying in my daughters' cases, as they both are quite happy to talk German to me when I talk English to them), and Sara suddenly said:

"Ich alles English say."

Hysterical laughter on her father and her sister's parts!


Dave King said...

Intriguing... why is your daughter so wedded to German? Does the rest of the family speak it? Nice to have such an unusual post.

Andrew Shields said...

Dave, my wife is German, plus we live in Basel, Switzerland, so my kids are trilingual: English, High German, and Basel German.

Ruth B. Shields said...

And it's normal for natively bilingual children to mix them together for a while, and also to expect their parents to speak different languages to them, if that's what the parents have chosen to do!

Anonymous said...

So are you generally pleased with the
language results of Sara & Luisa's
'English immersion' vacation?

-- dhsh

swiss said...

your daughter would have laughed if she'd heard my efforts in austria when i finally got to 'speak' german to german speakers. brilliant fun tho