Sunday, September 21, 2008

Idroscalo. Ostia

There's another new translation of mine up at lyrikline, of Dieter M. Gräf's poem "Idroscalo. Ostia."


Donald Brown said...

Hey, I was browsing in a book store and came upon an anthology of New European Poets; so I picked it up, went to the German section, found Gräf's name and, sure enough, you as translator. WTG!

Andrew Shields said...

Did you buy the book? I have not read it yet, but it looks pretty impressive!

Donald Brown said...

No actually. My complaint was it tried to be too comprehensive. Anthologizing one or at most 4 poems by a poet can't count as an "introduction" to that poet (so they were aiming at introductions to "national litertures," it seems). I would've preferred fewer countries and more poems per poet. But as an all-inclusive compendium of current European states, it's pretty impressive, certainly.