Thursday, January 31, 2008

Down By Law

Here's Tom Waits in Down By Law, having just rescued his shoes from Ellen Barkin's temper tantrum. What better way could there be to spend an evening?

"It is a sad and beautiful world."

"Yes. I ham just lucky to heven be here."


mrjumbo said...

I've loved that scene for a long time--the scene where she throws the shoes out the window. First she throws everything else out that you'd think would bother him, right down to the old vinyl records. Nothing fazes him at all; he's still trying to make nice, still part of a relationship. Then the shoes go. Suddenly it's "Well, it looks like it's over between us."

A friend of mine claimed to know someone who had once moved into an apartment that used to belong to Tom Waits. He said that it was pretty much a normal apartment, except when his friend started looking around in a closet, he saw some scribbles on a wall. He looked a little further, and put two and two together, and realized that the entire apartment had been covered in handwritten graffiti much like the DJ's apartment in Down by Law.

My favorite (or at least the one I remember): "Life is like a limbo dance: It's not how low you get; it's how you get low."

Unknown said...

it says "Life is a Limbo dance, but it's a question of where you get down, not how low you can get"

Anonymous said...

do you remember Benigni? the italian actor at the beginning of his career ...great , as Jack and Zach