Monday, November 13, 2006

What's on my desk

C. Dale Young posted a list of everything on his desk. I posted a comment with what is on my desk, but actually only with what is on the top of the piles, plus a few stray things:

These are the things on TOP of the piles:

The latest issue of Conduit.
Bill Coyle, The God of this World to His Prophet (which I received because I did not win the New Criterion Prize for 2005)
Two DVDs of Greg Brown concerts.
Amy Clampitt, The Kingfisher (waiting to be given to a friend, since I have her Collected Poems)

Then some stray things:

A pink highlighter; a lost pen cap; a small post-it pad; a black Pentel mechanical pencil; some ungraded papers; a guitar tuner; an electronic letter scale; a green clothespin; a small package of Kleenex.

What do you have on your desk?


Anonymous said...

something rather random.

i found this photo on Flickr and was asking in the comments section why she [the phototgrapher] tagged it with "sonnet." there was only a one-line quote below the photo and no sign of a sonnet anywhere. the "solution" is the name of the little girl you can see in the picture. she is called Sonnet. who names their child Sonnet?
isn't that a little too weird?

Andrew Shields said...

I like the name Sonnet, actually. I'd rather be called Sonnet than Elegy.

Anonymous said...

i agree, Sonnet is nicer than Elegy. with that name you're doomed to die young.

since you "insist" on finding out what's on my desk i'll tell you. as a matter of fact i have two desks. one with my computer and some stuff on it, and the other one is actually my rather big breakfast-lunch-and-dinner table which i predominantly use as a desk. so here you go, but beware, it's a long list:

computer desk:
- computer periphery (keyboard, mouse, cable modem, CD-Rs...)
- calculator
- pens and pencils
- random slips of paper
- one speaker of my stereo (the other one being on my tv rack)

dinner-table desk:
- MacBook (and accessories)
- two tea pots
- a cup
- about 3 dozen old cd-roms (to use as coasters)
- a camera
- 3 rolls of exposed but not yet developed film
- a subway map of NYC
- 3 tickets to the empire state bldg, from June 6, 2002 (!!!)
- one notepad and two moleskines (one big, one small)
- 2 or 3 pens
- cell phone
- all folders from my classes this semester
- 2 batteries (for my camera)
- a rubber band
- one pack of sheet protectors (don't know if that's what they're called; at least LEO says so)
- 13 books from the university library (Anne Carson. Glass and God; Les Murray. Fredy Neptune; Timothy Jay. Cursing in America; Werner Barg/Thomas Plöger. Kino der Grausamkeit; Barbara Leaming. If This Was Happiness - A Biography of Rita Hayworth; Gerald Peary. Rita Hayworth: Ihre Filme - Ihr Leben; Marli Feldvoß. apropos Rita Hayworth; Shehan Bonatz. Reality Perception, Identity and Violence in American Film. A Study of Lynch's Lost Highway and Cronenberg's eXistenZ; Bret Easton Ellis. Lunar Park; Aldous Huxley. Island; John Updike. Gertrude and Claudius; Matt Haig. The Dead Fathers Club; Clare Allan. Poppy Shakespeare)
- 3 of my books (Peter James. Stirb Schön; Eudora Welty. The Optimist's Daughter; William Faulkner. The Sound and the Fury)
- a movie ticket for "Little Miss Sunshine" from September 30, 2006

that's pretty much it. now you know what i live like (to some extent). hope you're happy (o:

Andrew Shields said...

CD-Roms as coasters. Cool. Can't do that with kids around, as they would not distinguish between old CD-Roms and normal music CDs.