Thursday, September 07, 2006

Trying to be double-skunked

Miles and I did a cribbage experiment this morning: Could I be double-skunked on purpose? It turns out it is quite hard to avoid scoring points! I did manage to let him double-skunk me, but I still ended up with 48 points, and part of the reason he was able to do so is that he got a couple of quite powerful hands (16 or 17 points). It's hard to strip a good six-card hand of points! So that makes it clear why double-skunking is so rare. I wonder if it is as rare as a 28/29-point hand?


Anonymous said...

Interesting questions ... please continue the "lab work" and report your results to your public!

-- dhsh

Andrew Shields said...

Miles really wants to try to be double-skunked himself, so we will be doing it again. A.