Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Luisa and two sentences

a) Luisa, now twenty-two months old, was trying to turn the pages of my Rise Up Singing book. I was trying to play a song, and for once I did manage to keep her from turning the pages while still being able to finish the song. As I finished, I then let her turn the page. While doing so, she said, "I know what. I know what."

Which, of course, is what I say every time I finish a song and think of the next song I want to play!

b) That was a couple days ago. Yesterday, Miles was trying to hide under the coffee table. Luisa was standing beside him and said, "Hey, Miles, waddya doing?"

Surely another quotation from her father!

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Anonymous said...

ALSO impressive and delightful ............. Way to go, Louisiana!

-- dhsh